Friday, December 09, 2005

Podcast 41: Open Interview

My 41st podcast is an interview with ... YOU! That's if you want to answer, of course.Click to play or download.

Show Notes:

I decided to do something that I'd like to call an "Open Interview," so called because I'm encouraging anyone and everyone to respond, preferably in audio format. You can email your responses to or, if you decide to podcast your response yourself, just send me a link to your podcast.

Thanks, and now on with the questions:

1. What was your favorite subject when you were in elementary, middle, and / or high school, and why?

2. What do you remember about how your teachers used technology in the classroom? (keeping in mind that technology in it's most basic form is any kind of tool)

3. Assuming you're a teacher, how has technology made your lesson plans different from the lessons you had when you were the same age as your students?

4. Which do you think is better: A computer in every classroom or a single common computer lab in the school that has enough computers for everyone in a class?


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