Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What do I do with these?

What do I do with these?

What do I do with these?,
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I have 4 of them. They're hard plastic, @5" across, and fit together. They are packing material for a printer paper that's expensive enough to make me doubt I'll get any more of them.

But they look cool. Any project ideas?
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Martha Thornburgh said...

How about a base for some really cool mobiles?

Theresa said...

Could you make some sort of Native American God's eye weaving?

Carl Anderson said...

They look like they would make great clay stamps.

allison said...

They should be parts of kid sized recycled material robots!

theartguy said...

My only regret is that with only 4 of these I can't try out every idea that comes to mind! :)

wonderlost said...

I was going to say the base for a mobile idea as well- they look like they would be great for hanging other pieces.

Christine Besack said...

The mobile idea was my first thought, the really sad part is that I also have several of these in my ("someday I'll figure it out" pile).

We Art Educators really all do live in very parallel universes !!

Must say I am enjoying your site and photos !!!!