Saturday, November 14, 2009

PUWT Bingo

I'm at the PUWT conference again, and it's awesome as usual.

That being said, here's some things that I've encountered at every conference I've ever attended (click to make it bigger):

There's some good and bad in there - there always is - but if you look you'll see the good vastly outweighs the bad.

And that's something that helps make it awesome.


Marie-Therese Le Roux said...

Ah! Conferences! That says it all in a 5 by 5 nutshell. Hope there are many gasps of awe.

Tony Vincent said...

I love your Bingo board! I think I made a Bingo in the first 30 minutes at PUWT this morning!

Gwyneth said...

[snarf] Too funny! OMG! we need to SHAKE THINGS UP! but how!
i know...more Smackdowns!

Selena Ward said...

Too funny. I think I could do blackout bingo on this one. Congrats on the netbook!

Kevin Honeycutt said...

This is great, I want to share it with my network!