Friday, May 13, 2005

12th Podcast: Blog Safety and T-Shirts

Click to play or download.12th podcast, now there's one for every month! (But if you only listen to one podcast a month you're not truly taking full advantage of the media, are you?)

Take a survey, win a pro account for Flickr.

Show Notes:

A Basement of Broken Dreams - An album by John Holowach, hosted on I used his song called My Piano Sings (Part 3).

BlogMeister - a blogging engine for teachers and students created by David Warlick. I highly recommend that you also check out his other sites, including his blog and his podcasts. - they make stuff with your designs. You can use it just for fun, or perhaps for a fundraiser. I already have two three designs up, if you care to look at them:

Podcasts in Education: Share the Kool-Aid, Ask me about my podcast, and My mp3s are legal.

Podcast Alley: Education Podcasts - C'mon, you know you want to vote for me ... right?

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