Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogging 101

My 45th podcast is another presentation - this time it's an introduction to blogging. I can't say it was my best example of public speaking, but I said I'd record it and put it on the site so that's exactly what I'm doing.Click to play or download.

Last time I included all of my presentation slides embedded in the mp3 file and I decided to do the same thing this time as well. Be careful, though - at 9.8 MB and over 28 minutes this podcast is much longer than my usual ramblings.

Show Notes:

Edu-Blogging 101 Wiki (to read blogs) (to write blogs)

Rachel Amstutz

Discovery Education

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Anonymous said...

Aaron--- the postcast truly captures the essence of what was covered at the presentation--- You did an AWESOME job!!! Thanks again for all your hard work and for sharing your knowledge. :-) ~~ Rachel